Special articles 6:  history of Ogama Project

Lead by Master Togaku Mori,  it started in 1973.

His team constructed two 50m Ogamas(huge Klins) and burn them 7times in last 40 years.

This project(50m Ogama) got a reputation that Old Bizen of Momoyama ears was completely resurrected.

Tougaku noticed the limit of 50 Klins.

He planned to construct the neo Ogama of 85 meters in 1989.

I myself joined this project in 2001.

Finish its first 107 days burning in 2015

As explained, its first exhibition in Okayama, motherland of Bizen ceramics, achieves historical success in 2016.

Backside of 85m Klin, about 100days passed since the beginning of burning.